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Why Choose ProLawn & Landscaping

  • We are a family business dedicated to providing quality lawn care and landscaping.
  • We brainstorm with you to create a landscape that works for you.
  • If you are working within a budget, we will help you simplify your landscaping plan.
  • If you have an eye for detail and style, we will help you include the latest landscaping trends in your layout.
  • We help you accomplish your goals and discover the art of landscaping!

Lawn Care

We maintain your lawn and flower beds all season – mowing and trimming your yard, mulching flower beds, and trimming your shrubs and ornamental trees. We also take care of spring clean up to get your yard back in shape after winter. In the fall, we perform leaf removal, giving you a lovely landscape for those last of the season outdoor picnics!


ProLawn & Landscaping helps you choose a beautiful layout and design style for your property. If you are concerned about cost, we can help you simplify your landscaping plan. We suggest choosing hardy, low-maintenance plants, sticking with basic materials, minimizing complex details, and choosing straightforward uncomplicated layouts.

Do you have an eye for detail and style? We would love to help you bring the latest landscaping trends to your design. We have experience with meadow gardens and native plantings, ways to grow your own food, and going lawn-free. Landscaping truly can be a form of art!


Our services also include hardscaping. Do you need a retaining wall to prevent erosion and add depth and beauty to your property? Would you like a walkway and patio to define an outdoor gathering place where friends and family enjoy being together? We have two options for sidewalks and patios – landscaping stones or stamped concrete. Check out our creative stamped concrete designs on the Hardscaping page.


Fountains, waterfalls, and small ponds add a relaxing and refreshing touch to your lawn or garden. Our capable team is ready to work with you to make your backyard dream come true!

The Process

  • We at ProLawn & Landscaping partner with you to discuss what would make your yard into a well-balanced, beautiful masterpiece.
  • Our professional designers come up with a plan.
  • You review the design and edit anything you would like changed before we begin the project. Typically, we charge for the design but then credit the payment towards the total installation cost.
  • We request payment three times throughout the project. We ask that you pay one third of the price upon signing the contract, a second payment upon arrival on site to begin the project, and the final one third after the work has been completed.


ProLawn & Landscaping is located in Shippensburg, PA, but we also serve the following areas: Chambersburg, Carlisle, Green Castle, and Walnut Bottom, Pennsylvania.

Create your own touch of tranquility.


ProLawn & Landscaping

Shippensburg, PA


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